Tribute to Titans

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Amedeo Modigliani


Modi & Jeany 1 Anna Akhmatova After work Modi & Jeany 2




Pablo Picasso


Picasso & Marie-Thérèse Walter Picasso & Olga Koklova Picasso & Dora Maar Picasso & Picasso


Dora Maar  & Picasso & Marie-Thérèse Walter Picasso & Harlequins The second dream Picasso

The first dream Picasso


The third dream Picasso The fourth dream Picasso Picasso and women

Picasso and model


Vincent Van Gogh

Irises in Saint Remy


Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin



  The Starry Night Mad dream of  Vincent Van Gogh  



Henri Rousseau


The first dream Henri Rousseau

The second dream Henri Rousseau

The third dream Henri Rousseau



  Noah's Ark. Fable Noah's Ark. Fable  



Rene Magritte

The eighth dream Rene Magritte The first dream Rene Magritte The fourth dream Rene Magritte

The sixth dream Rene Magrittel


The smoking room The fifth dream Rene Magritte The tenth dream Rene Magritte

The second dream Rene Magritte



  The seventh dream of Rene Margritte The nine and a half dream of Rene Margritte  



Salvador Dali

The eighth dream of Salvador Dali The seventh dream of Salvador Dali The second dream of Salvador Dali

The sixth dream of Salvador Dali


The fifth dream of Salvador Dali The return of the prodigal son Salvador Dali and Leda Atomica

The first dream of Salvador Dali

The fourth dream of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali "Surrealist Mystery" of New York

The third dream of Salvador Dali



MArc Chagall

Portrait with Bella Portrait with Bella 2 Herring Seller Fathers portrait  Birth

The Butcher La Ruche The Wedding of Marc Chaggal Those Were the Days

Chagall's Dream 1 HaKothel The Wind on the Vitebsk Marc and Bella

Midsummer Night's Dream Chagall's Dream 2 Strolling in Paris 1 Uncle Zalman- The Barber




Marc Chagall with an Angel



frida kahlo

Charming Frida

The three Fridas

I am a poor little deer

Flower of Life


Frida and Diego Rivera


max ernst

The first dream Max Ernst

The third dream Max Ernst

The second dream Max Ernst



  Lovers Max Ernst & Gala Eluard (Dali) Max Ernst & Gala Eluard (Dali) 2  



paul gauguin



  The second dream Wife of the King  


"Children" The  fourth dream

"Life and death" the last dream

Collection of fruits




henri de toulouse-lautrec

The Moulin Rouge

Dance at the Moulin Rouge 1

Dance at the Moulin Rouge 2




  The Moulin Rouge 2 The Moulin Rouge Bal  




Artist studios


Chaim Soutine Toulouse Lautrec Auguste Rodin Henri Rousseau






Final conclusion










Last Supper or thud in stone door















Last Supper or thud in stone door Details